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Vice President Song Jianfei of Central South University and Dr. Zhang Yongjun of Tianxinboli Science and Technology of Hunan Province visited Zhengjia for technical exchange

Time:2018-11-09| Author:Admin


     On the afternoon of November 4th,Resource Recycling Research Institute, Central South University Song jian fei Vice President and Dr. Zhang Yongjun of Hunan Tianxinboli Science and Technology Co., Ltd. came to our company for investigation and technical exchange. After visiting our product exhibition hall, production line and R&D center, the two experts praised our company's contribution to energy saving and emission reduction. They also discussed with our company's business leaders and technicians how to meet the ultra-low emission standards of non-ferrous metallurgy, steel and cement industries under the new national environmental protection situation. How to effectively improve the filtering accuracy and other aspects of in-depth exchanges, the two experts also combined with the actual problems encountered by pollutant discharge enterprises in the discharge of our company put forward many valuable suggestions, which has important guiding significance for our company's future product upgrading and research and development.

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