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Filter technology innovation: new materials, new technology to achieve world-class manufacturing

Time:2018-11-13| Author:Admin

     When it comes to innovation, in addition to exploring new trends in the future, technological innovation of traditional components is also indispensable. The main innovation direction of filter enterprises is to realize product optimization through the application of new materials and processes.      Automobile lightweight is one of the innovative goals of filter enterprises. The research and development and application of new materials can reduce the weight of products and achieve energy saving and emission reduction. For example, the carbon fiber + plastic air filter assembly housing can reduce the vehicle weight and improve fuel efficiency compared with the stamped steel assembly housing. In addition, the high plasticity of carbon fiber greatly simplifies the process, reduces the metal parts and reduces the cost of the mould.     
 The core component of filter technology is filter material. Nowadays, new composite filter materials (such as all series of composite filter core materials produced by Hunan Zhengjia Special Materials Co., Ltd.) have remarkable characteristics of high filtration efficiency, low resistance and long service life. They are widely used in automobile, engineering machinery, air compressor and so on. Gas turbines, cleanrooms, air conditioning and industrial dust removal.      
 While filtering materials are innovating, technological innovation is also the focus of the filter industry. Advanced manufacturing equipment and processes are adopted to improve the manufacturing crew of each factory through advanced process equipment, systems and process management. In the future, along with the development of AI technology, filter enterprises will further improve the level of intelligent manufacturing.The application potential of artificial intelligence in the field of filter manufacturing provides accurate information for operators, automates quality inspection, classification and material transportation, and ensures timely maintenance of manufacturing equipment.

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