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      Hunan Zhengjia Special Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhengjia Special Materials" or "Company") is located in Zimen, Shuangfeng County, Hunan ProvinceQiaozhen Development Zone covers an area of 194 mu with a registered capital of 107.42 million yuan. It is invested by Hunan Xiangtou Holding Group.Limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as "Xiangjiang Industrial Investment") investment holding enterprises, the first phase of the project has completed the investment of 160 million yuan.      The company is the only one in China that can make full use of plant fibers, synthetic fibers, glass fibers, nanofibers, and tree esters.Core raw materials, using wet molding process and through drying technology, research and development, production of high efficiency and ultra-high efficiency (HEPA & ULPA) non-woven cleaningEnterprises of net filter core materials have successively obtained ISO 9001, IATF16949, national high-tech enterprise certification and foreign trade management.Registration certificate.      The company's technical team is from the United States, Japan and Finland and other world-renowned filter material manufacturers, as well as from the domestic past.The elite and 985 universities in the filtration industry. The company's research and development relies on South China University of Technology and Central South Forestry University. Independent research by the companyOne invention patent and three utility model patents have been granted for the core equipment and technology issued, and the process technology patent being declared ifDo it.      The company's products are widely used in air, water, oil and other media cleaning and ultra clean filtration. From plant fiber to synthetic fiber materialThe filtration efficiency and filtration resistance of F7, F8 and other key indicators of air filter core materials are far beyond the high-end of the domestic market.Similar products and internationally famous brands.The products are mainly used in heavy duty truck, construction machinery, air compressor and gas turbine filtration system.The F9 air filtration product with nanofibers is the first in China to replace the gas turbine inlet system monopolized by American companies.The core.The glass fiber filter core material which is mainly used in air separation and oil separation of air compressor has been developed and can be mass produced and supplied to the market.Products have reached the international first-class level, is currently in the user trial and promotion stage; for electronic and medical ultra-clean room air filtrationThe performance and quality of the micro glass fiber filter core material are comparable to that of imported products.Products are mainly used for reusing air filters for internal combustion engine intake, oil and fuel filtration.It has been purchased by more than 50 well-known enterprises such as Santian, Universal, Shanghai Frega, Zhuzhou Xiangwei and Jiangsu Shengwei.And batch use. The company has formed an annual production capacity of 4000 tons of high efficiency and ultra-efficient non-woven filter core products. The company has advanced testing laboratory and quality control room, equipped with domestic first-class testing equipment, welcome users to bring international and domesticFirst class brand products of the same type come to our company for testing, discussing and communicating on the spot.  With the pursuit of people's demand for a better life, environmental pressure is increasing, whether industrial or civil areas, cleanThe demand for filtration materials is increasing, and the quality requirements are higher and higher.Our production equipment, technology, testing equipment and research and development.Hunan is willing to work closely with friends and customers from all walks of life to create a better environment.Environment and life.

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