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  On August 23, 2017, a seminar on the development and technology of heavy-duty air filters sponsored by Hunan Zhengjia Special Materials Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Qinghe, Hebei Province. The seminar invited more than 140 guests from academia, filter Association and filter enterprises.Professor Fu Shiyu from the State Key Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Engineering of South China University of Technology, Professor Huang Yilei from the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Central South Forestry University, Mr. Niu Wensheng, President of Qinghe Filter Association and Mr. Chen Xinguo, Deputy Secretary-General attended the meeting as special guests.

        With the theme of "Leading Innovation, Clean Future" and relying on the strength of academia, industry and enterprises, the conference focused on the development trend and technological innovation of heavy-duty air filters. Focusing on the exchange of filters, this paper emphasizes the transformation of innovation and exploration into practical application, aiming at the development trend of filter materials industry and the limitations of traditional filter materials.High-tech and raw materials and other issues are discussed to promote the development of the filtration industry and technological innovation, and provide solutions for the technical difficulties encountered in the production process.

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