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Gas Turbine /Dust Collection Filter Media

Overview: Gas Turbine/Dust Collector Filter Media

A gas turbine is a type of engine that creates thrust or rotation by exploiting a continuous movement of hot gas.
Filtration is critical for turbine engines. If sub-micron particles, liquids and dissolved contaminants like air and water-borne salt aren’t captured by filters, 
they can enter the engine — resulting in compressor fouling and more severe problems like blocked cooling passages, blade erosion and hot gas corrosion.
 Ultimately, these issues can lead to lower power output, higher fuel consumption and more frequent repairs and replacement of high value parts.

ZJ provide gas turbine filter media to meet your most stringent demands for burst strength, particle filtration efficiency and lift time.

Raw material: cellulose, synthetic, fiber glass. Rich material are available to meet different application Cover F9-H11 filtration demand.

Feature & advantage :
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