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hydraulic filtration media

Hydraulic filtration media: Exacting efficiency for desired particle size

Hydraulic systems contain multiple parts and vary in complexity, but for longevity and reliability, they all need protection from oil-borne contamination.

If abrasive particles enter a hydraulic system, they may damage expensive components like pumps and motors. These contaminating particles may even prevent hydraulic components from operating properly by causing them to respond slowly or stick open. 
ZJ Glass fiber hydraulic filtration media have high performance character , and give higher cleanliness working environments to the hydraulic systems. It save equipments owner energer assumption and operation cost

Multiple thickness and stiffness options are available to tailor the composite to your application needs.

Raw material:  glass fiber up to 99.5% of particles >5 microns remove

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Advantage :

Hydrualic Advantage.jpg

Advanced production processing technology :

Ultra-low concentration primary forming proces

Patented hot air drying technology  

Quality Control System  

             DCS Operate system   

          Online monitoring system 

Defect identification system  


       Hydraulic filtration system
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 Hydraulic Filtration   Media
Model No Grammage  g/m2 Thickness   (mm) Frazier   Pemeability  CFM Air   flow resistance mm/H2O DOP   smoke penetration Max   Pore   um Stiffness  mg Tensile   strength MD Tensile   strength CD (kn/m)
ZJ08010 80±5 0.4±0.05 25±3 6 10% 40 1200 1.2 0.6
ZJ08020 80±5 0.4±0.05 50±5 2 20% 50 1200 1.2 0.6
Raw Meterial:   Glass Fiber
1.Test under   Pressure 50KPA
2.Air resistance   and filtration efficiency tested by: TDA- - 100P (0.3 μm, 5.3cm/sec) ATI   company
3.Air permeability   tested by: LabAir IV FX3300(Area: 38 cm2 pressure: 125pa)
4.The above are the   average data obtained in the production process The actual filter performance   will vary
according to   the  filter design parameters.There are   also variations due to the technical parameters tolerance.
We always try   improving our products, so we reserve the possibility to change the technical   parameters
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