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Oil filter media

Overview Oil filter media  


Oil is the lifeblood of the engine in your car or truck (or motorcycle, boat, airplane, tractor and so on). Plain and simple. But as the oil circulates through the engine, it picks up any number of contaminants (in simple terms, dirt). That dirt can obviously damage your engine. And over time, that dirt can bring the engine to its death.
Many studies done in the industry have shown that the most damaging contaminants are found in the 5 micron to 20-micron size range.
Particles smaller than 5 microns do have an effect on wear but to a much smaller degree.

ZJ oil filter media offer solution to capture and hold contaminants and other wear causing particles suspended in the engine oil and thus prevent abrasive wear that will shorten your engines service life.
ZJ oil filter media, rated at both 50% and 95% particle efficiencies, meets a broad global range of particulate removal requirements to support your demands

Raw material:  wood pulp and composition synthetic  

Feature& advantage :

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