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Pre-filter/Medium filter Glass Fiber Filtration


Choosing the correct dust collector filter media for your dust collector bags is an important and sometimes difficult process. 
The first step is to consider what type of application and dust collector the filtration media will be used for and the work environment. 
There are some key factors will be take into consideration before choice the best one for your unique application:

Temperature, filter usage, chemistry, resistance, particles, current filter meida.

ZJ filter media offer challenge solution to your dust separation application. Our material coves Synthetic, Celluous, Fiberglass. 
It will be in different formula to meet your special demanding.  ZJ Medium filter media available efficiency form M6-F9.

ZJ Glass fiber Medium filtration material have high performance character , and give higher cleanliness working environments to your equipments .
 It save equipments owner energy assumption and operation cost

Multiple thickness and stiffness options are available to tailor the composite to your application needs.

Raw material:  Glass fiber and Synthetic composition

Material structure: graduated density to ensure depth loading

Production  Advantage :

Mid Glass Adv.jpg

Advanced production processing technology :

Ultra-low concentration primary forming process

Patented hot air drying technology

Quality Control System  

     DCS Operate system   
    Online monitoring system 
    Defect identification system



Mid Application.jpg


Medium Initial Data.jpg
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